Salzburg the stage of the World

Hallstatt & Salzkammergut

On this tour you will explore one of the most picturesque parts of Austria with Hallstatt and Lake Hallstättersee. The UNESCO Cultural Heritage Committee wrote: ". nature of extraordinary beauty added to scientific import ." Hallstatt Salt Mine is the oldest one in the world - 7000 years of mining - and the spectacular findings even gave a culture and epoch its name.

Krimml Waterfalls

These impressive waterfalls - 5th biggest in the world - 1250 ft in three steps - are a must-see. On the waterfall trail with viewing platforms you can get very close to the breathtaking spectacle until you reach the top fall and the peaceful valley of Krimmler Aache.
Vienna City Highlights

Immerse in Vienna's unique ensemble of a former empire's grandeur and meeting point of cultures; in its sophisticated charm and the pulsating present day life.
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